I dedicate this game to my niece Michalina Piętal who is a fan of Lego Chima.

My name is Jacek Piętal and I am the author of this free online game. This is an old school top down pixelated shooter. There are two conflicting teams. They both have access to special powers, but need life energy Chi to power them. The other team is attacking your team! Protect your team with the power of Hado (unlimited energy blast), Speed (multiply your speed), Thor (fire thunder anywhere near you). The game works on Android browser or normal Computer browser. You are never alone. There are a few bots online trying to blast what's near them. It's free to play. It's multiplayer. It's still constantly being upgraded. If you have any ideas for this game write me a comment! Thanks. It's an online team death-match game, a cross-over of Zelda + Quake. The goal is currently to have fun. Players of the same team don't frag each other. You can switch teams.

The artists that contributed are below. Thank you, no art, no Chi Land.





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Regenerate Life

Speed x2 for 1/2 min

Thunderbolt Mode

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